Thursday, May 7, 2009

Music in the Air

Since my last post I had the pleasure of attending the Junior Prom. It was a real treat for a couple of reasons. First, I enjoyed watching our students have a great time with each other. All to often we take our children for granted and Prom night is a great time to see that they indeed do have feelings, expression, and joy. Second, my wife and I have not missed a Prom or Ball in 15 years and we are looking forward to the Senior Ball next week.

Speaking of next week, please do not be alarmed next Friday morning if you are passing the high school and see emergency vehicles. We are working with local emergency officials to simulate a car crash to demonstrate to students the importance of making good decisions.

At this point we are celebrating our success on the New York State Assessments, wrapping up budget presentations, attending awards ceremonies and concerts, and planning for the end of this year and next year. While these are busy times, they are memorable times as well as we watch our children grow another year.

Finally, it is officially okay to not be alarmed by the "Swine Flu" or H1N1 as it is technically called. We received correspondence from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and they are NOT recommending the closing of schools for confirmed cases of this type of flu. They still and always do recommend staying home if ill and washing hands as much as possible.

Those are the updates for now. Thanks and see you soon.