Sunday, February 6, 2011

Some Good News for a Change

Amidst all of the layoffs, budget building, and general depression of late Winter came a weekend full of academic successes. First, several of our students competed in the Post Standard Spelling Bee, and while they did not advance to the championship in Washington, DC, they represented themselves, their families, and West Genesee very valiantly. (Great job Joshua Mattice, Elise Dunshee, Jackson Powell, and Brennan Costello!)

The West Genesee High School Academic Decathlon team won the Section III Championship. The Decathlon is no joke. Students have to take written tests and submit their brains to other forms of academic challenges. This was a great win for this team and for Scott Duda, their advisor, because they have been trying to climb into the top spot for three years and were able to make it happen. (For more information and a list of the participants and their medals, click here.) Their quest for the state championship will happen March 11-12 at Onondaga Community College. Congratulations!

Also, our Science Olympiad teams did exceptionally well in their competition. While they did not win overall, they made some advancements that show promise for the future. I would like to thank the advisor Carm Priminano and all participants for a great showing.

Beauty and the Beast will begin this Thursday. If you had the chance to see the preview on Channel 9 earlier this week, you saw poetry in motion. The student performers were, and are, spectacular.  I cannot wait to attend the show on Saturday. Tickets are going fast for each show so please take the time to contact Bill Davern at 487-4612 to get your tickets (there is reserved seating for these performances).

On the athletic side, I had the chance to watch our cheerleaders participate in the Sweetheart Classic in our gym on Saturday. There were teams from about 30 schools which made for about a 110 decibel performance area from about 7:45 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.  Again, our students, advisors, and parents did a great job showing off our facilities, planning a wonderful event, and raising some money for charity and for their competitions that will happen in the next few weeks. Great job!

Lastly, at Nottingham pool this Tuesday is a chance for our swim team to go undefeated, again!  Bob Marks has taken his crew and has helped every single athlete on the team to contribute something to the cause.  Best of luck and congratulations on another great year!

Have a wonderful week. I will post about our budget development and some interesting options being considered at the state education department a little later in the week.