Sunday, March 20, 2011

Something Cooler than Video Games

I know that we think of teenagers sometimes as mutants who wear the same shirt everyday (even though there is a closet full of others), make goofy noises, and define a perfect evening as one spent in the basement playing video games all night with their friends.

Our house is the usual weekend hangout for several of my boys' friends and this past weekend was no different. On Saturday night there they all were, relaxing in front of the X-Box, making goofy noises and eating everything that the pantry had to offer, when I yelled down the stairs to see if they wanted to see the full moon.

Up they came one after the other, wide eyed and excited to see the largest full moon in twenty years. Not only did they come to the window, they put on shoes and sweatshirts and went outside to get the best view possible. Some took pictures with their cell phone cameras and some just said, "Cool!".  Moments later they all descended back into the basement, but I paused and was pleased to know that there are still little kids in those lanky, goofy noise making, pantry eating teenage bodies. It was a good thing.

The previous evening Mrs. Brown and I attended and participated in a game of wheel chair basketball with high school students and staff. While I would have been happier if more people had attended, the message that we received was loud and clear. The organizers, Move Along, Inc., made sure that we recognized the challenges that students with disabilities face but also made us feel very comfortable and welcomed. I would love to support this type of event on an annual basis, and I almost wonder if it would fit into our District Culture Fair.

Speaking of the Culture Fair, our third annual celebration of our differences is coming up on April 2. The t-shirts are great and can be obtained through the high school office. If you wear one you will be the coolest person within twenty feet of you. Imagine that. We have added a few new booths this year to the Culture Fair including Stop the Hate, Spread the Hope which is a grass-roots anti-bullying effort created by our students. The group will fit into our District-wide program shortly.

Monday night is our National Honor Society induction ceremony, Tuesday is an evening with parents who have children with disabilities, and Wednesday is a prime time special on Channel 9 about the budget (in case you haven't heard enough about that) that I was asked to participate in. Exciting stuff and plenty of work to keep us all busy.

Enjoy your week!