Monday, May 14, 2012

Some Kind of Weekend!

I hope that all of you had a wonderful weekend. It is so rare to get a weekend this nice but I am sure that many of you are glad to be at work to get some rest from all of the things that you accomplished! My weekend started off with a very powerful DWI crash simulation at our high school. This simulation was created with emergency professionals from our community and county who all helped to portray an authentic experience for our juniors and seniors so that they will think twice before making a poor decision related to driving.

The student actors and actresses were also a powerful piece of the equation as classmates see their friends in situations that happen when poor decisions are made. We also invited parents and any community members to attend. The reactions to the simulation by all were shock, sadness, dismay, and the overwhelming urge to do what is necessary to help students to make the right decisions while driving. Click here to see pictures from this powerful event and thanks to all for making it a success.

Friday night was a blast. My wife and I had the privilege of attending our eighteenth Senior Ball together and it was a very special night. The Ball had a Hollywood theme and began with a great entrance way, some awesome food, and plenty of dancing. After the last song students made their way to the high school where dozens of parents and staff hosted an All-Night Party with plenty of cool things to do. As usual, the hypnotist was the hit of the night. Our students were incredibly polite, respectful, and mature. Thanks for a wonderful evening.

I hope that all of our mothers had a great Mother's Day weekend. I would like to congratulate my wife for graduating from Syracuse University with a Masters Degree, modeling that moms have super powers that allow them to somehow work full time, take care of the kids (including me), take care of just about everything else, AND go to school. A tall order, but she and moms in general make it look easy! Thanks to all of the "moms" out there.

Please remember that the school budget vote is this Tuesday from 6:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. at the high school auditorium. It is critically important to hear from you about how we are running your District, and I hope to see you on Tuesday. Thank you for your continued support!

Have a wonderful week.