Monday, April 29, 2013


Great Weather is Finally Here...What an awesome weekend. Nice weather, the final Mountain Goat training run, driveway basketball,  yard cleanup, mowing and the Junior Prom. I even had a few minutes to swing my new golf clubs for the first time (I bought my last set in 1988 when I was 17!). I even used my trusty yellow pad to record my new yardages in my older age!

Prom and Senior Ball...As my wife and I rolled up to the Junior Prom on Saturday night, she reminded me that this was the 27th Junior Prom or Senior Ball that we have chaperoned together. Add in ALL of the other dances, events, and festivities that we have chaperoned together, I think we would qualify as professionals!

I always have it easy... I just put on a suit and tie and show up. My wife has had to find 27 (and soon 28 in a few weeks at the Senior Ball) different things to wear! We have had a blast chaperoning all of these events and Saturday night was no different. We had over 425 students in attendance and there was a variety of tuxes and dresses on our students. Not much has changed in this area over the years, but one thing that has changed is the music. I have a really open mind for music and enjoy most of what the students listen to. Where I struggle is how they dance. I have no moves. At all!

I get jealous when someone has taught the kids how to "Dougie", "Gangnam Style", or the "Wobble Dance", and all I can do is stand there and bob my head a little. Yes, I can Foxtrot, two-step, and even do the Harlem Shake. Those do not cut it today. I think I see some "professional development" in my future.

You should be proud at how our students represent themselves at our dances. They are polite, respectful, and have an appropriate good time. Next stop is the OnCenter for the Senior Ball! Thank you to all of the Junior Prom organizers and chaperones for another great time.

Now and Going Forward...Spring sports are winding down, and we are creeping ever closer to our Fine Arts event Kaleidoscope 38. This means that we are even closer to final exams and graduation.  Wow.

This week is fairly quiet.  Assessments are over, and I will be able to get back on my regular school visit schedule.

Have a great week!