Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Gift of Giving

Helping Out the Community: I had an opportunity to attend the Todd's Fund Annual Gala on Saturday night and was reminded how generous our community is. Todd's Fund is an organization that raises funds to help families in our local area that have children in need (many West Genesee students have confidentially been helped). One of the mothers there, who was helped by the fund, spoke of her situation and how it aided her family. Of course the best part is that all monies raised go to as many of the presented cases as possible. Many thanks go out to the Board members of Todd's Fund for such a wonderful and powerful evening. More information about Todd's Fund can be found here at

Summer Weekends: What an amazing weekend for doing just about anything.  I cannot remember a Saturday and Sunday like the ones we just had in quite a while. You name it, and I tried to do it. Lawn mowing, gardening, golf, playing with the dog, sitting on the deck, nice drives through the back country, fundraisers, and then capped it all off with a baseball game. At the same time some leaves are starting to fall, the nights are a little colder, and the dew stays on the grass until later in the morning which means that Fall is right around the corner...

Not so fast!

We still have late summer sports, Marching Band, Freshman Orientation, locker nights, and of course the great New York State Fair. We also will take our oldest to college this week, which will be an emotional but exciting event I am sure.

Gearing Up for the New School Year: The buildings are almost ready for children, and the transportation department has done an awesome job of making ride times a little shorter for our middle and high school students compared to what was received by parents a few weeks ago. Master schedules are nearly ready to be released, and our Schooltool portal and app are almost ready for business.

When I post next week it will be just a few days from launching another great school year!  Enjoy what summer we have left and I will see all of you soon.