Monday, October 7, 2013

The "Mayor" of West Genesee Got a Promotion!

Homecoming Week: We had a very special homecoming spirit week. The students were so positive and happy to be a part of such a large celebration of our culture and their school. The "pep" rally on Friday took the cake. Loud drums, dance routines, contests, some awesome tumbling, and the unveiling of the high school homecoming court were all a part of the festivities.

I was super excited when they announced the name of the "Homecoming King". As they announced Andrew Bowman's name, the crowd erupted with cheers as Andrew came down to receive his crown. His Queen, Maria Delany, was the perfect complement to Andrew.

Andrew is exceptional in many ways. He has had his time in the spotlight as a polar bear plunger, a Special Olympian, a swimmer, a performer in the band and chorus, and an actor in the musical. People from the outside always start their conversation about Andrew by indicating that he has Down's Syndrome.  His administrators, teachers, and classmates refer to Andrew as Andrew Bowman, the Mayor of West Genesee. H
e is a classmate, a friend, a leader, and I would consider him to be the ambassador of change when it comes to total acceptance of everyone.

At half-time of the football game, he also received a standing ovation from all in attendance, including spectators from the visiting team. He is truly a special person, and we will miss him when he graduates in June.

What was also awesome on Friday was that even with a dance being held at West Genesee Middle School, the stands and areas around the turf field were absolutely packed. Talk about Wildcat pride!

Sports Boosters Also Feed Us: The Sports Boosters are having their annual spaghetti dinner and silent auction tonight in cafeteria I beginning at 5:00 p.m.  The cost is $6 per person or a maximum of $20 per family, no matter how many in the family!

Capital Project Presentations: This week I will be speaking about our upcoming Capital Project at the following locations: 
  • Monday, October 7 - Rotary Club luncheon, Copper Top Restaurant at 12:00 noon  
  • Wednesday, October 9 - Onondaga Road Elementary PTA meeting at 6:30 p.m.  
  • Thursday, October 10 - Stonehedge Elementary PTA meeting at 6:30 p.m.
I will also be there at the Stonehedge PTA meeting as they celebrate 50 years of their PTA. Fifty years...unbelievable! I am looking forward to helping them celebrate. 

Have a wonderful week, and I hope to see you around.