Monday, November 4, 2013

Now What?

Wildcat Band Marches to Success: In case you haven't heard, our Marching Band not only won the New York State Field Band Championships last weekend, but also won the USBands National Championship this past Saturday night. They scored a 96.25 in the NYS Field Band Conference Competition and then a 95.687 during the USBands National Championship. Consistent, remarkable, and probably an unreal feeling for all of the 170 band members. I cannot imagine the freshman members who at 14 years old are state and national champions in something so competitive and difficult to win.

If you are wondering what kind of recruiting tools the Marching Band has, take a look at these trophies and not much more needs to be said.  I wonder if there is a maximum number of members a school can have.
In all seriousness, we always talk about what it takes to be a successful program.

In a successful program, the group finds success or is in a position to be successful each and every year regardless of who the current members are. They practice with a purpose, are not afraid of hurdles, naysayers, negative people, or adversity. They protect their own and circle the wagons if one of the members needs help. Lastly, a successful program has no face. Success comes from the sum of its parts at all times and EVERYONE is equally important. Our Marching Band exhibits all of these qualities and that is why they have been champions, are champions, and are poised to be champions in the future. Congratulations!

Athletic Teams Continue to Succeed:
  • Our cross country runners did well this weekend, and we are very proud of their efforts. Check out the Athletics webpage later today for details.
  • The girls swim team continues to dominate. They established some pool records last week and are still rolling. Check out the Athletics webpage for details.
  • I am also excited for our volleyball team. They will be playing in the Section III championship game on Wednesday night.  This is the first time they have been in this position since 2008.  I am really looking forward to how they respond to this game because they are playing their biggest rival (Baldwinsville). They have come so close to beating them in the past and it is going to take everything our girls have both mentally and physically to succeed.  Best of luck!
The Commissioner Speaks: This week the Commissioner of Education will be speaking at WCNY studios. The link to his visit can be found here ( and tickets are being given out on a lottery basis.

A Busy Week Ahead: I have a week full of Capital Project presentations, committee meetings, classroom visits, and my monthly BOCES meeting.  A lot to do but considering the success we continue to have, it will all be well worth it!

Have a great week.