Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year!

Well, we haven't started off the New Year with a snow day in quite a few years, so today's school closing should make some people very happy campers! Time certainly has flown by as we move on to the end of the school year, and we are ready to tackle what the coming months have in store.

West Genny Athletes are All-Stars: Prior to the break, Section III girls swimming and diving, boys golf, girls tennis, girls volleyball, girls and boys soccer, football and girls and boys cross country all announced their Central New York all-star and league first second team and honorable mention designations. West Genesee was VERY well represented. For a complete list of recognized athletes please head over to our athletics web page. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Also our boys soccer team, in partnership with the Westhill boys soccer team, raised and donated $2,700 to help fund the Craig Rienhardt Scholarship. Craig was a varsity soccer player for West Genesee who passed away in 2012. It was great to see the two coaches and team captains working together to donate to a worthy cause. Thank you!

Congratulations to our Ice Hockey team for being voted #1 in NYS in Division 1! (Click here to see the rankings.)

Healthy Snacks are Important: We have been working through a pilot After School Snack Program at our high school. Once interaction time begins, we are providing healthy choice snacks so students can get a snack right on campus before an after school activity. The choices include: yogurt, fresh fruit, sunchips, baked lays, pretzels, cheese/cracker w/peanut butter, special K snack bar/power bars, rice krispies, granola bar, belvita, oatmeal cookies, trail mix, zero powerade, vitamin water, water, and milk Students can pay cash or use their student identification number to make purchases from their MySchoolBucks account. If this continues to be successful, we will look to expand to the middle schools.

Investigating Personal Electronics Pilot: We are also about half-way through the investigation process related to another pilot program allowing high school students to use their own electronic devices in school during instructional and non-instructional times. There has been classroom demand by teachers for students to be able to use their own devices to receive instruction. We are also looking at students using their devices during passing times, lunch, etc.

While we are usually the first to the table in the area with most initiatives, we are one of the few schools remaining that does NOT allow devices to be used during school hours. There are plenty of models for us to emulate and plenty of feedback to be received from other schools who have been allowing devices for quite some time. We will send something more formal out when we are ready to begin an actual pilot. 

Governor's State of the State: I am anxiously awaiting Governor Cuomo's State of the State address on January 8. I have read pieces from his budget commission and many of the items they have suggested to the Governor could have some major implications on schools and how we operate. Once he has spoken and we have a chance to digest everything, I will be sure to outline how any changes will impact how we do business at West Genesee.

Come Talk to the Superintendent:  Lastly, I will be holding the annual Dialogue with the Superintendent on January 15.  Details will be forthcoming in a future blog, but this is an opportunity for community members to ask me questions in an open format.  I think you know that I am very available to talk, but if you want to join other community members in one place and ask questions this is the event for you!

I am excited for the rest of this school year and look forward to your continued support.