Monday, February 9, 2015


Spelling Bee Update: Everyone in my fourth grade class knows that I spelled it correctly, except for the teacher, who thought that I spelled it without the "A". I was a spelling bee champion and that hurt to not advance. Good thing I am over it now. 

Congratulations to our three students who were able to advance farther than I ever was in the Post Standard Spelling Bee: Abigail Ray, sixth grader from CMS made it through the 5th round; Ava Propper sixth grader from WGMS made it through the 4th round; and Carter Leonard seventh grader from CMS made it through the 3rd round. Thanks for representing us so well and congratulations to Stephen Ponzer from Cazenovia, who ended up winning the whole thing.

Mathematics is Important: A couple of little known facts about me. 

  • I was president of the math club at Buffalo State College and created a competition called the Math Club Problem of the Month. 
  • I scoured journals to find the most complex math problems and even threw in some previously unsolved problems for students and professors to work on. When solutions were found I helped to submit them for professional publication. 
  • Along the way I actually created my own math theorem known as "Brown's Theorem". Not to geek out too much, but I was able to prove how you can inscribe an equilateral triangle into a regular hexagon. True rock star material. I was not asked to sign any autographs, but it was exciting to contribute to the field of mathematics, and I have never forgotten that feeling.

On Saturday, several of our students competed in Math League at C-NS High School. Under the direction co-advisors Gabriela Babcock and Martha Hennessey, students worked to solve math problems quickly and accurately. I hope that competitions like these inspire some of them to pursue math in college and who knows, maybe they will create something new for the field as well!

What a Great Production!:We were also spoiled once again by our high school performers who put on a spectacular rendition of Nice Work if You Can Get It. This musical was on Broadway for a short period of time, and I did not know much about it before seeing the show. It did not take long to get hooked into the story and anyone who had a chance to see it saw something special. We are so fortunate to not have to drive far to see something of the highest quality. Congratulations and thank you to all who made the performances possible!

#AllKidsNeed: A Discussion on Public Education in CNY: The fight continues to try to get the Governor to have more respect for our teachers and my profession. This Wednesday, February 11, at Lyncourt School from 7:00-8:00 p.m. I will be part of a panel discussion with local elected officials to brainstorm ways to crack the code to secure more funding and less governmental control over our schools. This is a grassroots night, so I am looking forward to meeting some new people and talking about education.

Take it easy shoveling and enjoy your week!