Thursday, April 2, 2015

When a Turf Field is in the News...

Greetings. With spring break coming up I wanted to give you a final update about what is going on around the District before we are apart for a week. Don't worry, I'll be right here working over break, but I hope that you all get a little time to rest and recharge.

Turf Field Update: You might have seen our turf field make the news recently. Due to the incredibly cold winter, the ground underneath sections of the turf field froze deeper and more solidly that in previous years. This caused areas of the turf to "heave", as well as sidewalk pavers near the turf field. Without exaggeration I can share with you that a few spots raised or lowered over a foot. Because of this heaving, our field is currently unplayable.

Our lacrosse teams are using the portions of the field that were not affected for their practices. We hope that as the weather warms up the turf will return back to its original, flat position. In the meantime, our lacrosse teams will play away games, at neutral sites, or on our grass field when that is available. I do not expect repairs to be costly. Competitive advantage? As I shared with a reporter today, our boys and girls lacrosse teams will play any team, anywhere, and under any set of conditions without hesitation. They just want to play and compete.

The State Budget: Lawmakers are working on the finishing touches of the state budget. West Genesee will realize an increase of projected money of approximately $1M. Unfortunately, that money is going to be tied to changes to teacher evaluation and other policies and practices currently in place for schools. I have no further details at this point. We do tend to budget very conservatively, so I am comfortable with the budget that has been presented and adopted as we move closer to budget vote day on May 19.

Students Like Changes in Food Choices: I had mentioned in a previous blog about some changes we are making in the food service department. Those changes have had a tremendously positive impact on the amount of food served. So if you have a teenager like I do, do not be surprised if you find yourself adding money to their lunch account sooner than usual!

Thanks for reading and for your support.  See you soon.