Monday, May 11, 2015

Older and Wiser

What a beautiful weekend!  The older and hopefully wiser I have become, the more I really value the words “Happy Mother’s Day”. In recent years, as more of my friends lose their mom (or dad for that matter), I realize that this holiday has different meaning to people.

If your mom is still here, I hope you had a chance to connect with her and tell her that you love her. If she has moved on to a better place, I hope that the glow of her memory made your heart beat a little stronger. Either way, your mom will always be a part of your life; and a special part at that.

Last Week was Great. We had a Collegial Circle organized by our Teaching Center. The event drew over one hundred of our teachers who displayed action research projects and unit plans that will help our entire organization to improve. It is always encouraging to see teachers working with each other to make things better for our students.

A Concert on Periscope: There was also a very powerful string concert that allowed many students to really show off their talent! For the first time, we were able to use the new Periscope Twitter application to broadcast a few song selections and it looked and sounded great.

Teachers of Excellence: I would like to take a moment to congratulate teachers Sue Deegan, Colleen Barba, Peggy Barbuto, and Steve Shoults as well as principals Beth Lozier and Steve Dunham for being nominated by their peers and honored by Senator DeFrancisco as 2015 "Teachers of Excellence". Congratulations!

Into the Future: I don’t want to jinx our teams, but they are all playing pretty well and I expect deep runs into the post season! Believe it or not this Friday is our Senior Ball, and by the end of next weekend we have just over thirty days until graduation. Yes, that is correct. Crazy.

Enjoy the week and I hope to see at one of our events.