Monday, June 1, 2015


What an incredible time to be a Wildcat. Hundreds of our students have been out and about in our community, the area, and the state representing us incredibly well. I want to take a moment to gush about them and then let you know about a few changes that we are making at the high school for next year.

Kaleidoscope 40 was 'Off the Hook'! For those who are unfamiliar, Kaleidoscope is a yearly event where we are able to show off all of our Fine Arts performing groups, as well as soloists. I have been here since Kaleidoscope 32 and often wonder how each year can be as good as or better than the last. Hats off to the student performers and their teachers, as well as all of the parents and families who come out each year to show their support!

This year I was able to use a new smart phone application called Periscope to actually live broadcast a couple of the songs. It went well and we will look for ways to expand the use of that (or a similar) program in the future.

Local Theater Students are Recognized: Also over the weekend was the first Syracuse High School Theatre Awards held at the Landmark Theater. Students were greeted by a red carpet and were treated like true acting professionals for the evening.  John Buttner from West Genesee received The Rising Star Award. Great job!

Sectional to State Play: On the athletic side, I feel like a ping pong ball more than a superintendent lately, trying to get to all of the events! Our boys and girls Lacrosse teams are convincingly into state competition.

Our Baseball team is moving right along in the sectional process. Track and Field and Tennis also had participants make deep runs into post season play.

So many teams and individuals are still playing that I had special West Genesee shirts made so I can be an equal fan to every sport. A good problem to have and special thanks to West Genesee graduate Paul Schoeneck and his Kicks Clothing company for helping me out so quickly.

Changes at the High School for Next Year: As we wrap up the school year and prepare for next year and beyond, I want to make you aware of changes that we are going to make at the high school.

Currently, we have four administrative positions at the high school: a Building Principal, an Academic Dean, and two Assistant Principals. We pride ourselves in being the smallest large high school in the area and this is due to how our administrators work with teachers and students to make them feel welcome and supported.

This structure has worked well for many years. Changes to the dynamics of our community as well as state mandates related to teacher evaluations have really stressed this administrative structure. Our administrators are not able to be as available as they have been. To rectify this and to put us in a position where we can best plan for the future, we are making a change to our administrative structure.

We will still have four administrators in the high school, but their titles will be different. We will now have a position titled Executive Principal/Director of Secondary Education and three Building Principals. This change will allow each administrator to have all of the authorities granted to a school administrator in New York State. The Executive Principal role will allow us to have a better transition from eighth grade to ninth grade for students and will also allow the operational leader of the building to ALSO be the instructional leader. Good stuff.

We have very capable administrators at our high school. So once we have completed all of our interviewing and hiring, I will be able to let you know who will fill those roles.

Another busy but exciting week ahead. Enjoy!