Monday, August 3, 2015

A Beautiful Day to be Recognized

I think that one of the most powerful things that people can experience is raw emotion. I have known our Boys Lacrosse coach, Mike Messere, since 2008; and raw emotion is something that I have not seen from him.

That all changed on a beautiful Saturday morning when he was surrounded by his family, friends, and dozens of his players and coaches for the official dedication of our turf field in his name. I was honored to be the emcee of the event and after a few brief words and the official dedication, I gave the microphone to him.

At that moment, over forty years of emotion appeared, front and center. He was very moved by the showing of support and paused to collect his thoughts. What came next? He thanked his family, his players, his coaches, and everyone else he could think of for helping the Boys Lacrosse program and him, as the coach, to achieve the level it has.

He turned the microphone back to me, posed for some pictures, and returned to coaching a summer lacrosse team!

I would like to thank everyone who made it to the event. Photographer Larry Duran took a professional panoramic photo of those who participated in the dedication ceremony, and as soon as the picture is ready we will make it available to anyone who would like it.

Over the next few weeks the new recognition sign will be mounted above our scoreboard along with a new "Home of the Wildcats" sign that will go underneath the scoreboard. Both signs are in the traditional blue and gold colors. #WildcatPride!

This week we will continue to fill open positions, register new students, work on the Capital Project, clean classrooms, and receive materials for the fall. Summer is anything but quiet!  Enjoy the week.