Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Bigger Picture

Homecoming Pep Rally and Football Game: It was a chilly night, but a night full of Wildcat pride for our homecoming festivities. Our football team is working really hard to compete this season but fell short in the cold, crisp air. The score was somewhat lopsided; so I would argue that while the team lost the game, they certainly won a valuable life lesson. They kept their heads up, played to the end, and knew that if the tables were turned that they would have won the game with dignity. This is why our athletic programs continue to be recognized for their sportsmanship, academics, AND on the field success. I am very proud of them. 

Earlier in the day our high school students were treated with another great pep assembly. The pep rally is always stressful for our administrators because we have over 1,700 people in one space and they are all excited. The student skits and the organization from the advisers were both top notch once again. Homecoming is one of my favorite times of the year, and I am already looking forward to next year!

The Band Marches On: The Marching Band continues to find out what they are all about both in their performance and as people. The strength of a unit is known sometimes when the chips are down, rather than when everything is going well. Don’t count them out.

Music and Football Meet Up in Nashville: The other cool thing from the weekend was that I got to hop on a plane and go to Nashville, Tennessee to soak in the music but also attend the Tennessee Titans/Buffalo Bills football game. Music is a hobby of mine and there is no lack of talented musicians in Nashville. The city was welcoming, clean, and alive. The music history is deep. There are some great museums and art as well. The Bills game was the icing on the cake, and they actually won which made for a LOT of happy traveling fans in the streets! I will definitely return there some day!

This week is full of building visits, construction planning, and…snowflakes?

Have a great week!