Monday, August 29, 2016

Adapt and Overcome

Changes at the New York State Fair: When faced with change that I did not cause to happen, my happy place in my head is to repeat the phrase "adapt and overcome". It also helps that through the years I have personally witnessed many people overcome gigantic obstacles without one complaint.

With that being said, yes people, the layout of the New York State Fair is different this year, and yes, it did take me forty-five minutes to find one of my favorite spots, but enough with the complaining! If having to search a few minutes extra to find your favorite sausage sandwich is the worst thing you are facing, count your blessings!

At the Governor's Request: I was not the first person from school to get to the New York State Fair this year. That honor goes to the Marching Band. I received a call from the governor's office at close to 3:00 p.m. last Tuesday. The governor had hand picked our Marching Band to help him open the State Fair...on Thursday.

You read that correctly, the band staff and the students had LESS THAN TWO DAYS to prepare uniforms, songs, and movement patterns, at our expectation level, for the governor, Andrew Cuomo. I even told the staff that I completely understood if they had to decline due to lack of preparation time. Nope.

Seven buses rolled to the state fairgrounds early Thursday morning, full of Marching Band members, to welcome the governor! As you would expect, they did an outstanding job, but beyond the music and performance, just think of how prepared these students are to deal with issues and stress when they get older. There are many lessons to be learned with every life experience.

Preview of New Show: Since my last post, the Marching Band preview was held, and the bleachers were nearly filled with all of the people in attendance. Loud and proud would be how I would describe their performance, and I am looking forward to their first competition.

Athletics are in Full Swing: I think it should also be noted how well our athletics programs get along with our fine arts program, which is contrary to the popular belief of some. I got excited the other day as I watched the football team practice. The team is looking really good right now and I thought about upcoming Friday nights, when the weather is perfect, the team is playing well, and the Marching Band performs at halftime. I can't wait!

Finishing Touches at the Pool: The swimmers probably can't wait for the pool to be done so they can swim at home! We filled the pool last week, ran the filters, and began to apply chemicals. Right now, everything is thumbs up. Contractors worked all weekend to get us ready; we are very close. If you are a frequent user of the pool and locker area, you will not believe the difference.

You are going to begin to see students and staff at our buildings this week. School is not starting until September 6, but locker nights, orientations, sports, Marching Band, and staff meetings will make our buildings look busy once again.

Enjoy the week!