Monday, August 28, 2017


Yesterday was the first time that I have yelled "Freebird!" at a concert and the band actually played "Freebird". That's because I was watching the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert at the New York State Fair. That is usually my go to joke when I am at a concert like Symphoria or a band of that nature. It really wasn't funny yesterday because the band actually played it. I may have to tuck that joke away for a while.

Wildcat Marching Band is Loud and Proud: A band that did not play "Freebird", although given enough time they probably could, was our Marching Band. They did, however, confidently and competently, reveal the Marching Band show for the season on Friday night at our annual Marching Band Preview.

I have had a chance to visit several Marching Band practices this year and there is a positive energy with this group. The way the students are marching looked different to me, and that is because they are marching differently; especially their footwork. The sound is "loud and proud" as I like to say, and the color guard is going to provide some nice flare to the show. I am looking forward to their first show!

Fall Sports Have Kicked-Off: Sports are in full swing! Our football team gets an opportunity to open the season on a positive note at the Carrier Dome on Saturday. I also like the energy and determination of that group this year. Cross country, golf, tennis, volleyball, soccer, and swim are all poised to represent us well so check out our schedules and come out to support the Wildcats!

New School Year, Already? To me, today marks the beginning of the school year, and I am in school year mode. We have freshman orientation followed by locker night, kindergarten orientations (they will be the class of 2030 believe it or not), and later this week I welcome all of our employees back for their opening day, followed by professional development. I am looking very forward to a successful school year.

Support All People: On a serious note, I did want to address where I stand personally, and as your superintendent, on the recent movement to disqualify transgender people from entering the military.

I was raised with the understanding that as a human, I have no right to judge another human against my own color, background, upbringing, preferences, or beliefs. People are people, and we are all on our own journey of life, hopefully working together to leave behind a world that is better than we had it, for our children, and our children's children.

At the same time, I have spent my entire adult life working with children and helping ALL children to do whatever they want to do when they graduate from high school. That includes college, the workforce, AND the military.

Taking away the choice of ANYONE to serve our country completely goes against everything that I believe in and work for. I am passionately supportive and protective of the rights and opportunities for ALL students, regardless of gender, orientation, culture, color, or beliefs. 

I will be using my voice to reverse the decision to disallow transgender people from entering the military. At the same time, I will be meeting with ALL of our student groups personally so they know that I have their backs, because I always have and always will. Period.

I still hope to get to the State Fair a few more times. Feel free to stop and chat! Thanks and enjoy the week.