Monday, March 2, 2009

The "Volcano" is Alive and Well

I learned some great things last week. For starters, at the Camillus Middle School Science Fair I learned that Honey Nut Cheerios are better for me to eat for quick energy than granola bars. I also learned that some of the less expensive finger nail polishes and make-up are actually better quality than some of the more expensive brands. I also learned that the students put a lot of time into preparing for this event. As I circulated and watched the judges challenge each contestant it was clear that the participants knew their projects from the inside out; including welding, which is exactly what one student did themselves in order to complete their project.

At Split Rock there were many great projects as well and I was glad to see that the erupting volcano is alive and well. It is such as sense of normalcy to see a vinegar and baking soda plaster of Paris volcano in an Elementary gym. There were many quality experiments and it was great to see exploration of some of the "green" technologies that are making their way into our every-day lives.

On Sunday our Varsity Hockey team played Baldwinsville for the Sectional Championship and were able to pull it out in exciting fashion. It still is difficult for me to get over how calm and collected our students are when under stress to perform. I can tell you that the crowd was stressed for them!

March is the time for the Math assessment in grades 3-8 and it is also the time to really put the finishing touches on the budget and prepare to present the information to the public. This is a stressful time for me as well and especially this year because it is the first time I will have an opportunity to relay my personal interpretation of the budget to all of our taxpayers. As soon as the budget presentation is complete it will be located on our school website for your review. I am also hopeful to have a video presentation of the budget on the website as well in case you are not able to attend one of the many presentations.

One thing that will be different in the presentation will be a significant reduction in the number of pictures. Previous presentations contained many pictures of students and staff working within the buildings and I can assure you that nothing has changed in that department. However, in order for us to make our presentations available to the public via the Internet, etc... we have had to shorten the presentation. The presentation you will see will focus on our accomplishments, expenditures, revenues, tax rate and levy information. We are including more student and staff pictures on a regular basis on our website, as well as our new 2009-2010 school calendar to help make up for the lack of pictures in the budget presentation.

Today I get to help honor staff and faculty at the High School who have worked in the District for 25, 30, and 35 years; what an honor!