Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another Good Week

Another good week! I was very proud of our students and high school photography teacher Mrs. Cross who created the Veteran tribute film, "On Common Ground". It was shown at the Palace Theater this past Wednesday evening, and there was a very good turn-out. Talks are now in the works to show the film through the USO and get it out world-wide to the troops.

We continue to work through our at-risk and technology initiatives. The next phase of Promethean Board installations is about to begin, and as soon as we are in receipt of replacement servers, memory, and computers, we will finish our technology initiative for the year. Also, our efforts in technology will be featured in March when BOCES hosts a series called TALKS at the high school. People from all over the county will attend, and they will get to see what we are offering our students.

Our at-risk program is beginning to take a strong hold in each building, and you would wonder at this point what we ever did without the extra assistance we have been able to provide students. As we are now able to make some additional interventions with students, in many cases we have helped to prevent bad situations from becoming worse. In some cases we have been able to help provide some students with food and shelter. Our requests for free/reduced lunch are on the rise as well. Without the interventions we have been using, many of those students who we have been able to serve would go through the day hungry, or forced to make poor choices without appropriate guidance.

We are rolling out our credit recovery program at the high school as well, and I will report when our first student has completed a course through our NovaNet program.

A dance at Camillus Middle School and the musical Willy Wonka at West Genesee Middle School will kick-off what will hopefully be a nice weekend. Thanks again for your support and have a great weekend.