Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Student Accident

Usually, I use my blog to deliver good news. This time, however, I am sad to report that an 11th grade student was hit by a car on West Genesee Street that then drove away. Thankfully, the student will recover and be "ok", but the police still have not caught the driver of the car. The information that we have at this point regarding the vehicle is that it is a sedan and that it is possibly aqua-green in color. If you have any information that might help break the case, you are asked to contact Sergeant Wise from the Camillus Police Department at 1-315-487-0102. Thank you for your cooperation.

Also, please take this opportunity to remind your high school child (if you have one) of the importance of using crosswalks when crossing West Genesee Street. We stress the importance of this each day to our students and also often have adults outside after-school, but kids are kids. Helping to reinforce from home always helps.

If I receive additional information I will post back to the blog and update everyone.