Thursday, December 3, 2009

December Here We Come!

First let me extend my personal thanks to Dr. Morrow, her staff, and all of our student, staff, and parent volunteers for conducting an exceptionally smooth H1N1 Clinic at the high school last evening. I had the opportunity to stand at the exit for most of the evening and did not hear one negative comment. The professionalism, the caring and helpful attitudes, and the precise organization helped the clinic to be conducted without a hitch. From our exit polling, the longest wait from the time someone got out of their car until they saw me at the exit was 28 minutes. Amazing. Over 2,000 children were served. Simply outstanding.

December is full of concerts, sports, holiday celebration, and stresses. I caught myself last night letting it all go by without enjoying the moments (except for the stress of course!). This can really be a cool time of the year if you let it.

For young parents this is a great time of the year to start traditions that will carry on. Maybe lights on the lake or a football game in the snow (if it ever does). For parents of teenagers (like me) refocusing on what is important which is time with the kids while we still have them around the house. For more seasoned parents, they are preparing to spoil grandchildren or preparing to host sons and daughters home from school (with five or six of their closest friends most of the time!). Whatever it is that you will be it. Take the time. Enjoy our school events and your kids but also enjoy two seconds to yourself and keep focusing on the bigger picture!

Off to a Spelling Bee and then to observe a student teacher, which is a very enjoyable part of my job for sure! I will be back to post some operational updates later this week.