Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Making the Most of It

I know that we always say that a community is only as strong as its school. However, you cannot really appreciate all that we have until you live through an experience like we did recently with the loss of a student and we watch in awe as hundreds of students, community members, staff, and emergency personnel come together to help a family in need. Sarah Peek touched all of our lives and will be missed. At the service, the pastor mentioned that while she may not be here with us, "the show must go on" and memories of her will always be in our hearts. True. Rest in Peace.

I am in a job that requires the constant switching of mental gears. Along with the sorrow that we are feeling we are also feeling excitement and growth. As I am sure you have read, our teachers have worked closely with the District to find a way to save as many jobs as possible as we move through some tough times. Other District bargaining groups are following in their foot-steps and we are most thankful for their efforts as well. Our budget is coming together. We are still watching our Kindergarten numbers closely, however. Our registrations are a bit lower than planned and this may cause some additional adjustments to staffing.

If you are reading the paper or watching the news you are also probably wondering about what is happening with the County Sales Tax and with the possible elimination of some Regents Exams. If this was my first or second year I would be stressed to the max. Experience tells me that both are posturing moves and pure old-fashioned negotiations. I am studying both issues closely and will be able to comment more in the upcoming weeks on how they will really affect our District and our children.

Congratulations to our Cheerleaders. They won a National competition over the weekend in Ohio. Congratulations also to the Indoor Track team. Several runners placed very well in State competition. Probably the best source for specific information would be http://www.wgrunners.com.

Lastly, not only is our Hockey team playing for a possible State title this weekend, but we just learned that the team received the 2010 Scholar Team Athletic Award (entire team has an academic average of 90% or higher). The last West Genesee team to win this amazing award was the Bowling team in 2001. Much more will be made of this after the team tries to bring us the State title this weekend in Utica. Good luck!