Friday, March 26, 2010

Celebrating our Successes and Our Diversity

This week I had the privilege to help induct 141 members into the National Honor Society. This is not something that the students win but rather something that the students are selected for. Academics are part of the equation, but more importantly are service and leadership. I always challenge students to reach out in the community and find ways to lead and serve in a volunteer capacity. When I write college recommendations for students, it is always a pleasure to write them for students who are well rounded and have the "whole package". Congratulations inductees.

This weekend will also be special because it is time for our Second Annual Culture Fair at the high school. If you attend the event on Saturday from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., you will see the members of our community celebrating their culture throughout the large gathering areas in the building. We anticipate over 40 different cultures to be represented, and this event is something that we are very proud of and hope to continue into the future.

On Monday we will be celebrating the successes of our athletes by holding what we call the Parade of Champions. We will be honoring athletes from Boys Hockey, Boys Swimming, Indoor Track, Cheerleading, and Boys Golf. More information is available from our home page, and we are excited to be able to honor the achievements of our athletes.

We are still moving forward with our budget. We feel that we have planned accordingly for the economic year that lies ahead. You may read about money being restored by the Assembly or other officials, but I would not get too excited. Their efforts are appreciated, but we should all recognize that there is not enough money available for us to restore anything. Any money that they are able to secure for the schools will prevent us from having to make deeper cuts for next year.

I have been asked by elected officials, students, and community members to weigh in on the "Wastebed 13" issue that could affect approximately 144 parcels in our District. I think by now, from the what seems like hundreds of times that I am on TV or in the paper giving opinions or statements, that you know I will give an opinion when I can. I am collecting information from all parties on the "Wastebed 13" issue, and for what it is worth (because I really don't think my opinion matters much on this issue) the best statement I could make at this time is that if it were ever to be proved that chemicals encapsulated in "Wastebed 13" harm living things or negatively affect property values, I would not be in support of the project. Like many other community issues, I will stay plugged in.

At this point we are beginning to shape the rest of the school year. There is a lot going on and if you blink you will miss something. If you want to stay connected and up-to-date, the best way would be to follow me on Twitter (, this blog, or our monthly newsletter.

See you around.