Sunday, December 19, 2010

Poet I Am Not

Greetings and welcome to the most unpredictable four days of the school year. In the eleven years that I have been a superintendent, this time of the year normally presents the most unusual behavior out of students, staff, parents, and probably myself. The joys and pressures of the holiday season converge in what can only be described as a science fair volcano; you know it is going to erupt, but you don't know if it is going to spill onto the carpet!

I am looking very forward to visiting classrooms this week and experiencing these last four days before break with your kids. I hope to be able to share many of my visits on Twitter, and I leave you with a poem that I wrote which should reassure you that I am not quitting my day job! 

My next blog post will most likely come after the holidays. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday season with family and friends.


‘Twas the week before winter break

And all through the school
People were stressing
About the temperature of the high school pool.

Students and teachers are all wondering where
A two-hour delay comes from, even when the weather seems fair.

What to do over break is the topic of talk
X-box, sledding, shoveling and clearing the sidewalk?

One thing is for sure, and that we will all see
Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas; the “holidays” they will be!