Monday, April 28, 2014

The Final Stretch

Spring Break - A Time for Recharging: I hope that all of you had a restful and recharging spring break. I stayed around town and continued to nurse our previously flooded basement back to health, work, catch some of our son's track meets, and visit locally with some friends and relatives.

I also spent one day in New York City at Microsoft headquarters working with developers and other superintendents from around the country as we spoke about how to get more creative in how we educate students. The most impressive part of that trip was how I was treated when I arrived at Microsoft. They took my drivers license and scanned it to make me a visitor's tag. A very nice woman then told me that elevator D would be available to take me to the fifth floor. I proceeded to the bank of elevators and one of them lit up with the letter "D" on it.  The doors opened and I stepped inside. There were no buttons. A digital display read "5". The doors closed and up I went.  Pretty cool!

Celebrating 20 Years of Girls Lacrosse at West Genny: This year marks the 20th anniversary of the creation of our women's lacrosse program at West Genesee. On Saturday something special happened on the turf field when we honored the three women who were bold enough as young ladies to try out for and make the boys lacrosse team (Kathleen O'Shea Barter, Kristin St. Mary Barber, and Lisa Pisegna Tyszka). 

They were so good on the boys team that they were responsible for the creation of a girls club team, JV team, and a varsity team. We often talk about the success of the boys lacrosse program, but thanks to Kathleen, Kristin, and Lisa, hundreds of female athletes have gone on to play lacrosse in high school and college which provided opportunities that they would not have had were it not for these pioneers who were honored. (They are pictured with many of those alumni, along with current JV and Varsity lacrosse players.) On top of this celebration, our wildcats played an incredible game against a top opponent and won in double overtime!

The End of School is Closer than you Think: Today officially begins the beginning of the end of the school year and before we know it, the end of June will be here. The Junior Prom is coming up on Saturday night, we are inching closer to sectionals for spring sports, and Kaleidoscope plans are in full swing. I will even begin to sign diplomas.  DON'T BLINK!

Have a great week!