Monday, October 6, 2014


Homecoming 2014: I want to thank the dozens of volunteers, staff, and students who made our high school Homecoming special. The pep rally and dance were wonderful. Congratulations to the Homecoming court: Jack Howes, Emily Augello, Brian Van Beveren, Mackenzie Mathewson, Matt McDonald, Katie Lannon, Alex Tripodi, Anna Delaney, Bob Marks, and Leandra Kovalchik.

Our sports teams did well and the Marching Band finished first in their competition. We are fortunate to have such a supportive community, and I am looking forward to next year already!  

Connecting with our Community Members: Last week I had a chance to attend the annual Camillus Rotary luncheon, which celebrates people who help others in our community. This is a very worthwhile event each year, and I am always amazed to be able to be together with so many people who are making a daily impact in our community.

Participating in Government with our Students: Recently I had a chance to teach Participation in Government classes to seniors. We spoke about the link between federal, state, and local government and how those bodies impact students each day. We also talked about what rights students have in school and why we have some of the rules we have. It was a great conversation on that topic. Teaching these classes each year gives me an opportunity to see if students are in the ready line for graduation. They are.

My Last Marathon? Lastly, I had an opportunity to run the Corning Wineglass Marathon yesterday.  I ran a better time than last year, but my legs are so sore that I don’t think I will be walking correctly for some time!  Many thanks to the over 700 volunteers who made it a success, and a very special thanks to West Genesee parent, Mr. Winters, who found me at mile 17 or so. We had never met. I had very severe cramps in the front and back of both legs, and he pushed me along to get me going again. If it weren’t for him there is no way that I would have finished with the time that I had set for a goal. Thanks! No more marathons for me!

Have a wonderful week-