Sunday, October 26, 2014

Trick or Treat?

Marching Band Brings the Cup Home: Congratulations to the West Genesee Marching Band on their 34th New York State Field Band Championship! Hard work, determination, drive, and coming up big when needed, along with the help from staff and volunteers all led to their success.  Hats off as well to the competition who provided some tremendous shows of their own! We feel very fortunate and humble to be among such company. Believe it or not, preparation for next season starts now.

The Wildcats received a score of 96.80. Way to go! The rest of the results are: Arlington 96.10; Victor 95.55; Lancaster 93.00; Liverpool 92.55; Baldwinsville 89.75; Brentwood 88.65, and Orchard Park 86.55.

Athletics Update: A huge congratulation goes out to the tennis doubles team of Samantha Heyn and Marisa Joyce who completed the sweep as Section III champs and State Regional championships in the doubles division. They will represent West Genesee and Section III at the State Tournament next weekend. Coach Mannara has done quite well with our tennis program. We should all be proud!

Our football season is in the books, but not the heart of our players. Plagued by injuries all season, they had to fight critics as well as their opponents to make it through the season, let alone make it to the playoffs.

Their season ended on Saturday, but many got up yesterday to support their teammate, Sean Relyea, who ran in the Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund of CNY Run for Their Life in memory of his mom who passed away. That shows you can win off the field as well.

Our cross country runners are still competing as are our girls soccer, volleyball, and swimming/diving teams.  It is crazy to think that winter sports tryouts are less than two weeks away!

Trick or Treat? I titled this blog "Trick or Treat" for two reasons.  First and most obvious is to be on the lookout for children trick or treating this Friday. Also, be on the lookout for information about the trick or treat carnival at the high school this Thursday.

Second, I think of trick or treating when it comes to the election season. Instead of giving candy (or a healthy choice treat of course!), I am giving my vote to someone. I know most of the candidates in our area on a personal level, so it has been tough to watch the negative campaign ads and the promises being offered, etc.  Everything is personal, and it always comes down to what a candidate can ACTUALLY DO (not their opinion or what they would like to do if they could) to change the path that New York State Education is taking.

If they cannot make a change, then they need the power to swing resources to our community so that I can make the changes we need to make and not follow certain New York State Education Department policies.  If they can do neither, that presents a challenge from my vantage point.  Trick or treat.

Enjoy your week!