Monday, October 8, 2012

Five Week Check Up

Five Weeks Down: It is hard to believe that five weeks are almost in the books already! Five week reports will be home shortly to help give you a good first look at how the school year is starting off for your children. If I was grading the school year, I would be sending a pretty positive five week report. There have been an unusually high number of new initiatives to tackle and things are going as well as they can. We also had a very positive homecoming weekend, and our students just seem happy to be at school.

Anti-Bullying Effort: Next week will be the kick off for the curricular part of our anti-bullying efforts. Most of the buildings will be using Tuesday (a half-day for students) to introduce OLWEUS to students. This programming will become a large part of how we continue to address bullying. This program will also help us to work on the role of the bystander in bullying situations so that better choices can be made when situations involving bullying arise. Thanks to all of our parent and staff volunteers for being a part of this launch and program.

If the school year was an airplane flight this is the point in the flight where we are just about at altitude and ready to cruise along to our destination. You can remove your seat belts and feel free to move about the cabin. Have a great week.