Monday, June 16, 2014

Final Approach

The one and only nice thing about the state testing our kids too much is that their schedule pushed our graduation ceremony date out past Father's Day weekend. I have not been able to really enjoy Father's Day in six years, but thanks to an extended Regents testing week we are graduating a week later. It is important to focus on the positives! I had a wonderful Father's Day weekend with my family and that was much needed and appreciated.

The landing gear is down and the runway is in sight. Our school year is nearing an end and while it has gone quickly, it has been another great year for the history books. Last week we held our annual senior athletic awards night, and I was impressed by how many team scholar award winners we had as well as how many All-American designations and full scholarships to various colleges and universities have been received. Good stuff!

I also want to thank our high school students for their behavior during the last week of classes. They are often encouraged to "do something" by the media. However, as the final bell of the last day of classes rang out at the high school, students spent time thanking staff, figuring out study schedules, and smiling. They were not thinking about pranks and other things that give their school and themselves a bad name. I am very thankful to our students for the respect they show to their classmates, faculty, staff, parents, and community. Thank you!

I will spend this week finishing up my graduation speech, getting into buildings, and preparing to land this plane that we call the 2014 school year at West Genesee. Have a great week!