Monday, June 2, 2014

Just Like the Pros

What a weekend! I think I legitimately hurt my hand playing Kan Jam on Saturday night but it was well worth it. It finally feels like late spring, and I think I can speak for many when I say it has improved my mood!

Kaleidoscope Rocks: If you were one of the approximately 1,700 to attend Kaleidoscope on Friday you were treated to some spectacular fine arts performances. For those unfamiliar, Kaleidoscope features each performing group in our high school Fine Arts program, plus soloists and small groups.

We take over the Civic Center and each group performs with no breaks in between performances. Incredible is an understatement. I usually sit in the audience for the show but this year I decided to remain backstage and help the students get into position for each number. That was a real treat. Not only could I hear everything really well, I was actually able to stand just out of view next to the main curtain and watch all the performances from up close.

The one thing that struck me was the poise of each performer as they headed to the stage. Even the soloists were joking and relaxed before they went out in front of such a large crowd. I took some great candid photos that I uploaded to my Twitter account if you get a chance check them out. The coolest part was listening to the audience gasp in awe when the curtain came up for the finale and all 430 of our performers were on stage! Next year is the forty year milestone and I am already looking forward to the performances.

Athletics Update: On Saturday our girls lacrosse team began their quest for their seventh New York State lacrosse championship in dominant fashion, defeating Ithaca High School. They now move to the New York State semi-finals this Friday with the State Championship game being held next Saturday. I am very proud of this group as they seek to put an exclamation point on a great season.

Our spring sports wrap-up will be out at the end of June and there will be plenty of highlights. Many personal records, team records, school records, droughts ended, and overall success. We are also waiting to see if all of our spring teams won academic team scholar awards; which we find to be the most important statistic in our athletics program. (For all of the updates from the weekend, check out our athletics page by clicking here.)

Individual to watch? I would have to go with eighth grader, Carly Benson. Competing at the highest level of girls track, she has already broken the school record for the 800m with a time of 2:14.50 and the second fastest National 8th grade time to advance to State competition. She has four more whole years of competition left. Olympics?

This week will be as busy as last week for me and chances are good if you have a child in school then our paths will cross in some way, shape, or form. Enjoy the good weather and that we are only three weeks away from graduation!