Friday, June 11, 2010

Last Day of Classes

I have to tip my hat to the staff and students at the high school for what was the smoothest last day of classes that I have had in 10 years. I appreciate the respect that the students have shown this year, and I am looking forward to graduation this weekend where I get to shake their hands, look them in the eyes ,and congratulate them on jobs well done.

The Girls Lacrosse Team is in Cortland this morning to compete for a chance to play in the New York State Lacrosse Championship game tomorrow. Best of luck to our Lady Wildcats! I will have Twitter updates tomorrow morning if they are fortunate enough to play in the championship game.

Graduation rehearsal is later this morning and I am pleased to report that it appears that we will have a higher percentage of students graduating than we have had in the past. Thanks to our at-risk program and counseling, we also have some students graduating this year who "dropped out" as far back as two years ago who decided to give it a go and get their high school diploma. Congratulations!

Next week I will update you about recent news from the State. Aside from the State budget fiasco, the State Education Department, under the watchful eyes of a skeleton staff, is poised to make some major changes to testing and scoring. I want to do some additional research before I give my "official" opinion, but the way it looks we could see some of the biggest changes since the "Regents Action Plan" of the early 1990's.

That is too deep a topic for now though.  Today is for getting around to buildings, attending graduation rehearsal, and playing SU Basketball star Kris Joseph in a game of PIG later in the day. I hope I can still hit a jumper in my suit!

Have a great weekend.